The start of winter is a thrilling time to relish the warm sunshine on cool mornings and end the year with festive treats. But winter also carries suffering. Rapid changes in weather, dry air, and increased coughs and colds are ordinary during this time of year. When encompassing healthy foods in your diet, be aware of the cold weather and the illnesses it brings. Adding dry fruit or dehydrated fruits to your diet in winter can be particularly helpful.


To keep bone-freezing winter at bay. Eat plenty of dry fruits to stay healthy this winter. Dry fruits like dates, almonds, raisins, cashews and walnuts are packed with nutrients to keep winter sickness at bay. It also retains the skin naturally moisturised.

Dry fruits are a great source of fats and other nutrients that are adequate for our bodies. They make an incredible snack option. They facilitate good health and are one of the best foods to eat during the winter months.

Reasons to include dry fruits:
  • Builds immunity

    Winter can be a hard time of the year as we are more prone to illnesses such as coughs and colds. Especially when the season changes to winter, contagious diseases arise, so it is extremely vital to maintain immunity.

    Dry fruits are one of the best immune-building foods for your body; they are full of immune-boosting elements such as vitamin C and antioxidants. Dried fruits such as figs, raisins, and apricots are great sources of vitamin C, which helps stimulate the body's immune system. All dehydrated fruits online or dried fruits contain antioxidants that assist boost the body's immune system. So adding them to your winter diet is a surefire manner to boost your body's resistance to disease.

  • Good for Skin

    Winter is the dry season and the dryness leaves the body dehydrated. One of the effects of this dryness is undue dryness of the skin.

    Dry fruits are packed with natural oils that assist your skin retain moisture naturally. This keeps the skin supple. Dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts, prunes, and raisins assist flush toxins from your body and providing your skin a natural glow. Rich in not simply healthy oils, but also B vitamins and omega-3s, walnuts are one of the best dry fruits for the skin. These elements assist prevent wrinkles in the skin and enhance its texture.

  • Warm up your body

    Warm up your body this winter. Due to their high-fat content, dry fruits naturally induce heat in the body. They also assist control the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. These natural chiropods are effortless to add to your diet and can help you wear fewer layers of apparel on your body during the winter months.

  • Helps control weight

    We usually eat rich foods in the winter that we don't relish in the hot summer. The end of the year can disturb your diet and weight loss plans, so eat dry fruits to balance out the extras this winter.

    Nuts & dry fruits offered by Agri Club are a very healthy snack option that can enable you to feel full and help you lose weight. They suppress hunger, so you won't feel exhausted from overeating.

  • Keep energy levels high

    Commencing the day on a freezing winter morning is one of the difficult winter experiences. Dry fruits delivered by dehydrated fruits online Suppliers In India can give you a boost of energy for the day and help banish lethargy in your body.

    Have a tiny bowl of assorted nuts each morning to fuel your energy throughout the day. Nuts are loaded with protein and antioxidants that assist keep you energised. Daily consumption likewise helps all-around brain health, helping you focus at work.

    We all understand that almonds are a nutritive powerhouse. They are a great source of vitamin E, protein, iron, omega-6, calcium, and magnesium and are good for your skin, hair, and across-the-board health. Nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts ask people to break their fast with a handful of almonds to provide a healthy kickstart to the day.

    Although you know for a fact that almonds are incredible for you and packed with nutrients galore did you know that you can store almonds in the fridge for two years? There are multiple other surprising facts about this popular nut that you may not know.

    How many dry fruits to consume in a day?
    There's no one-size-fits-all answer; moderation is key:
    • If you’re new to consuming dry fruits daily, then it's best to begin with just 5 dry fruits.
    • After having 5 dry fruits daily for a good 3 weeks, you can improve the daily intake to 10 dry fruits (only if you don’t suffer from any digestive issues).
    • Now people with optimum digestive capacity, who exercise daily, drink enough water, and are habituated to having dry fruits for a long time, can have 20 dry fruits daily. Winter slightly got nuttier, didn’t it?